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So tomorrow is Thanksgiving day already, wow this year has gone by so incredibly fast! This whole month I have seen people posting on social media what they are thankful for and it’s a really nice change from the usual complaining and drama filled posts. I found myself thinking how great it would be if this kind of attitude and thankfulness was seen all year around.

That’ pretty much a foreign concept to our society these days, to actually be thankful for what we have and to maintain a grateful and positive attitude. Why does it take a season once a year in order to get people to be grateful for all of their blessings? Why are people so ungrateful the rest of the year?

I feel that it is hard to be thankful for what you have, when you are always comparing yourself to someone else. There will always be people that have more than us or better stuff than us. We don’t ever focus on the fact that there are a lot of people that we have much more than. Why not realize that we have been greatly blessed and actually are in the position to be a blessing to other people. We could take some of that me, me , me focus and use it on someone else.

awsome-beautiful-blessed-cool-cute-favim-com-410592Wouldn’t it be great to to uses what God has blessed you with to reach out and bless someone else? Can you image the smiles we  could create and the tears of joy that would be shed! You never know how something that seems so little or insignificant to you might be a big deal to someone else.

Lets start living Thanksgiving year around! We could start with being thankful to God for His son Jesus Christ! That really is the ultimate example of being selfless. I mean God gave up his only son for all of us, so that we could be spared the punishment we deserved as sinners. Have you ever took a moment to thank about how strong the child parent relationship really is? If you have kids then you know first hand what this feels like. You couldn’t imagine being closer to anyone thank your own children and you would do just about anything to protect them right?

Well God went against that natural parental instinct that you feel and gave up His son for people that didn’t even listen to Him. He gave up His son for people that didn’t believe in Him. He gave up His son for people that ridiculed and essentially hated Him. He gave up His son for you and for me. This is why we should live with a grateful and thankful heart every day. No matter what you circumstances or situation looks like the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross does not change. Therefor our attitude of thankfulness towards God should not change either.


God really blessed us with an amazing gift. Lets use this life that Christ died for us to have, to bless others. I believe in doing that we are telling God with our actions, THANKS for GIVING your son for me! I know I can’t say it or express it enough to you, but Thank You LORD!

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