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“I wore my CoveredntheWORD Fight the good fight Christian T-shirt to the Atlanta Aquarium a few months ago. As always the aquarium was filled with people. You can tell the day was busy because a few of the employees seemed stressed. Field trips, families and tourists filled the aquarium and produced a huge amount of noise and energy. I hesitated as we were walking in because the lady at the ticket counter looked annoyed. In fact it seemed like she was having an outright bad day. She didn’t even look at me as I ordered my tickets.I could tell by the frown on her face that she was not someone I wanted to chat with. It was then when she looked up at me and read my Christian T-shirt. You could see the tension in her face fade into a smile. Her eyes brightened up instantly as she read the scripture. Her whole attitude changed in an instant. She looked up at me and said “I love your shirt”. It was almost as if I had reminded her of God’s promises and love. I smiled and said “thank you, have a great day!” I knew she would be having a different attitude because she greeted the next customer with a huge smile. ”  –Margie M.




“Towards the end of Season 2 of the Voice, I was approached by one of the final contestants and asked about the Isaiah 40:31 – on my shirt.  Without skipping a beat, I shared the verse from memory.  The young man paused, placed a hand on my shoulder and the other over his own heart and said to me, “You have no idea how much I needed to hear that, The Lord sent you to encourage me.”  I was floored.

While reviewing a call sheet one afternoon on a bench in the Warner Brothers commons area, I was approached by a man who wanted to commend me for wearing my Christian T-shirt, 1 Timothy 6:12.  I thanked him for his kind words and he further shared with me his success stories regarding witnessing to his fellow co-workers through the use of scripture based Christian t-shirts.  I truly felt empowered after that brief conversation.


While traveling back to Los Angeles from St. Louis, I was pulled out of line by a TSA agent.  I was a little concerned; so naturally, I asked if I was in some kind of trouble.  The agent laughed and replied that I had nothing to worry about, it was just routine.  She did, however, take the opportunity to tell me how much she liked my shirt – John 14:6.  Relieved, I handed her a CoveredntheWORD Christian T-shirts business card.


At the start of Season 3 for the Voice, while working on the Universal back lot; I had the pleasure of running into Sinbad.  I was wearing the Ephesians 1:7 shirt at the time and it caught his eye.  He questioned me about the design and I shared the Bible verse with him.  Then he inquired where he could go to purchase one for himself.  I ended up handing him a dozen business cards: one for him and each member of his entourage.


I was having lunch at a local Chipotle the other day and while in line, constructing my burrito, a young lady behind the counter told me she liked my shirt.  I thanked her and attempted to give her a business card, but since she was wearing gloves and handling other people’s food, she couldn’t receive it.  In the end, she put her two elbows together to take the card.  Once I got to the cashier, and had successfully re started the conversation, she shared her interest in getting a CoveredntheWORD Christian T-shirts business card.  That hand off was much simpler.


– Cody