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Facebook Foul up

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Well today we ran into an issue with our facebook page for CoveredntheWORD Christian T-shirts & Tank Tops. We accidentally changed the facebook url to our page. We really wanted to change the page name, but facebook would not allow us to do that, so we thought next best thing is to change the url right? WRONG! We wanted to add the words Christian T-shirts and Tanktops to our page, so that it would be easier for people who saw our page name when their friends liked or shared a status, picture, or other post to recognize that we were a clothing company. Because Coveredntheword doesn’t really say T-shirts, Tanktops and other Christian clothing.

oldfbpageWe changed the facebook page and then shortly after we realized how big of a change it really was. All of our marketing materials, including the 1000’s of business cards we have already handed out had the old facebook url on them and when you would go to that url the page said it no longer existed. This was a huge oversight on our part, as we already had over 1,200 fans of our page that had been created alomst 2 years ago. We attempted to try to figure out how to contact facebook to see if they could help us change it back, but getting to them proved to be more like mission impossible. It’s amazing how hard they make it these days to get any kind of real support other than through their help forum, which really isn’t much help at all

So we realized the only solution was to create a new facebook page for CoveredntheWORD and change it’s url to the old url we originally Coverednthe WORD Christian t-shirts & tanktops facebook pagehad and is on all of our marketing materials. So once again we have an active page at https://www.facebook.com/CoveredntheWORD  , but now we had to start over with zero facebook likes. We have started to invite people to like our new page and hope we can rebuild our numbers fairly quickly. Right now with just about 12hrs since we created the new page we are up to 42 likes and growing, so it will take some time. We are grateful to all of our current facebook fans that have already re-liked the new page and we have also gained a few new fans as well.

Coverednthe WORD Christian t-shirts & tanktops   

newfbpageOne really good thing that has come from this is we now have the user name we were trying to switch to Coverednthe WORD Christian t-shirts & tanktops .We believe this should help even more people to like our page in the future, because now they will know exactly what CoveredntheWORD is. We will probably try to add back most of the old photos and videos from our current facebook page, but that is going to take quite a bit of time. We apologies for any trouble this has created for our existing facebook fans and hope that you will continue to follow us over on the new page and continue to help us grow!

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