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Today is an exciting day for CoverednTheWORD.com with the announcement of our new feature #LimitedEditionMonday. We decided to start this as a way to get our customers and friends more involved in the creative process of producing CoverednTheWORD Christian T-shirts. Since we hand print most of our T-shirt we are in a rare position to be able to allow our customers to help us choose new color combinations to print existing designs in. This is something we have been wanting to do for a while and we are excited that as we approach our 2 year anniversary (Dec 26th ) it can finally be a reality!

This is a unique opportunity for our customers and friends to get 1 of only 25 of a Limited Print Christian apparel item.

Making it a very unique & special item that not many people will have. This is our way of giving our customers more opportunity to be apart of helping us create some of the most unique Limited Print Christian apparel items available! They get to express their style and help us create new color combinations for others to wear and enjoy.


So how does #LimitedEditionMonday work? It works like this:

CoverednTheWORD.com Limited Print Christian T-shirts

  1. On Mondays CoverednTheWORD will post to all of its social media sites a picture of one of its existing Christian T-shirts and tag it with #LimitedEditionMonday . Once this photo has been posted friends, fans, and customers are encouraged to comment on the photo with what other color combination they would like to see that design available to purchase in( Ex red print on blue shirt, white print on green shirt,etc)
  2. At the end of Monday the color combination that receives the most comments and feedback across all of CoverednTheWORDs social media sites will be chosen.
  3. On Wednesday of that same week CoverednTheWORD will announce the winning color combination in a post tagged #WhatColorWednesday
  4. On Friday of that week that unique color combination will be made available to purchase & announced in a post tagged #CNTWFridays. Only 25 total items will be printed at that time for that unique color combination. Items will be sold on a first come first serve basis, so you have to be quick!
  5. Once 25 of an item are sold that Limited Print Christian Apparel item will be marked sold out and moved to the the Limited Edition Vault.
  6. Items in the Limited Edition Vault can be brought back and made available for purchase only after 60 days and if enough requests are received to bring it back. To request an item that is in the vault to be brought back  you can send us a message through our contact form, or let us know on one of our many social media pages. If enough requests are received and it has been 60 days since the item was first printed we might bring it back and make it available for purchase again.

CoverednTheWORD Limited Print Christian T-s

Here’s the video of the announcement of #LimitedEditionMonday

Were you fast enough to snag one of our Limited Print Christian apparel items? Tag us with #CNTWLimitedEdition in a photo of you wearing the item on one of your social media pages and let us know and we will feature your picture in the Limited Edition Vault and possibly share on our social media pages too!

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