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John 1:1-In the beginning the Word already existed.The Word was with God, and the Word was God.

CoverednTheWORD Christian T-shirts, clothing and apparel was started in 2011 in order to allow Christians to boldly express their faith in God to others and with the purpose of creating conversations to help lead others to Christ!

The idea is to literally and figuratively cover people in the WORD of GOD using Christian T-shirts, clothing, and apparel. You don’t always get the opportunity to talk with someone when you are out and about, but if you are wearing a Christian T-shirt, article of clothing, or other apparel then you can positively impact some ones life without saying a word. Now that is powerful! With our Christian T-shirts, apparel, and clothing we hope to provide you the opportunity to reach anyone, anywhere, and at anytime with the WORD of GOD!

If you are already going to be wearing a T-shirt why not make it one that could potentially change someones life forever and lead them to be saved! T-shirts and clothing are great conversations starters!

Thank you for supporting us & our nonprofit partners!  You allow us to continue to create great Christian T-shirts & we are so blessed by your continued support!